she (story of a girl)

she won’t be tied down, except with words
she’ll believe what you say & she wants to be heard

she loves to read and run and learn and laugh
talk and jump and play in the grass

she’s always singing in her head
& wishing she hadn’t left thoughts unsaid

she’s smart & she knows it
but since she was 10 she’s been scared to show it

she’s 19 and she’s seen a lot of the world
she’s 19 but she still feels like a young girl

when she gets scared she fights like she’s right
she’ll run away in the night,
underneath the fluorescent lights
as fast as she can, until her chest feels tight

until the tears can pour down
bare, dirty feet
silent trees & concrete streets

she tries to find solace in everything around her,
doesn’t know why, she feels like she’s found there
she knows peace lies within but she seeks without
she knows what she wants but she sometimes has doubt

she thinks a lot about value
often asks what’s enough
and even when she’s not, she tries to be tough

when she feels alone
when she forgets what is home
when she wishes that she were fully grown
she has been known
to search for meaning in others
and conceal herself under attractive covers

shielded by the protection of her youth
she hides insecurity behind questions of truth

though some nights are dark
she finds safety in parks
and creates peace in making new art

she loves something fierce
she wants to be here
she’s learning how to persevere through her fear

she knows every sunrise breaks a new day
she’s figuring out who she is, & that’s okay 🌟

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